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Thursdays child
06 May 2011 @ 02:33 pm

So far have some amazing artists interested in the Once project

Here are the recent submissions which will hopefully be printed a.s.a.p

Vanitas by Jon MDC

Protostegidae by Jumei

Kelly Durette


Also people who have said they will submit are (in no particular order)-

Dark Devi


Ruby Wolfe

Kelly Durette




soey milk





Im still on the look out for other people to take part. There is no deadline as its an ongoing project but the sooner the better as I want to really get the ball rolling!

Thursdays child
06 May 2011 @ 02:32 pm

Well done to Anna Swiczeniuk for winning the Japan fund raiser draw

Also a big thank you to everyone that donated :)

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Thursdays child

Uzamaki slug sex. The most beautiful and disgusting thing I've ever seen


Its a slow chilling extraterrestrial dance,  the translucent flower that's created is more like something out of a science fiction film then slug sex organs. I think of all the bizarre mating rituals this is my favourite. Currently residing with it in the animal sex hall of fame is the duck (or as i like to refer to it 'the evolution of rape'), the North Atlantic Right Whale, the bat bug and the angler fish.


The Brocken specture

Mistaken in the past for a religious experience, the Brocken spectre is a rare weather phenomenon in mountains when the sun is directly behind a person and their shadow is projected onto a lower altitude mist or fog.  A halo, or glory, appears around the head of the spectre and varies depending on the size of the water droplets.
This is very much something Id like to see before I die.


Bleeding heart dove

Luzon bleeding heart dove (Gallicolumba luzonica), a ground dove from the Philippines. Shy and living on a diet of seeds, berries and grubs, the bleeding heart dove has a marking on its breast reminiscent of a wound. At first I wondered if it was deliberately appearing injured but apparently this is for display.
Bonus fact- doves and pigeons dont sip water but rather immerse their bills and suck (which leads me onto my next finding)


Cats using physics

I guess I always thought cats kind on launched water into their mouths with their tongues but as it turns out this is wrong.  What they do is harness physics in a delicate balance between gravity and inertia to create a little mini stream into their mouth. The average cat according to this can make 4 mini streams a second.
Dogs, on the other hand, do more of what I first considered cats to do whilst bending their tongue in a ladle shape. Thus this proves cats are more clever and neater then dogs ^-^



Fasciated mules aer flower

Fasciation can occur with a mutation of the plants tissue or brought on by disease or insects.
The above image i think is my favourite because I was convinced it was a photoshop. Its like a rift or smear in reality and makes me feel pretty odd.


The shocking pink dragon millipede

A new species relatively recently discovered in the Greater Mekong region. This handsome creature may only grow to 3cm but can shoot cyanide from special glands, which makes it smell like almonds- yay!


Lenticular cloud

Mistaken many times for fly saucers (which is hardly surprising with images like this) the lenticular cloud (or Altocumulus standing lenticularis) are stationary lens shaped clouds that form at high altitudes.  More information at wikipedia here and I also urge people to google them for amazing images.
I had nephophobia (fear of clouds) for the longest time after my nervous breakdown and still now they can give me 'the fear'. Something about them makes me fundamentaly wrong and utterly horrified. This has calmed down a lot with time.


Madagascan tear drinking moth

I had heard before of moths that lives entirely on the tears of cows before but here is one that lives on the tears of birds. With the use of their long proboscis they suck the tears straight from their eyes. This moth is part of the Calyptras family that also include vampire moths.
Other moths of note are the Hummingbird Hawkmoth and hornet moth



To end this blog i will quote myself aged 8

I Love nature, its so disgustingly brilliant!


EDIT-something I had to add I just saw on Geneticist's tumblr

Birds nest fungus

This saprophytic fungi have gotten their name for their appearance of a little birds nest with eggs.  Actually these 'eggs' are fruiting bodies full of spores contained in a 'splash cup' that have a cap on them untill maturity.
The fungi harnesses hydraulics to spread their peridioles (the eggs). when rain falls into the splash cup the force propels the peridioles out. Attatched to the peridioles is a coiled cord which snaps off when they leave the cup. This twisty cord then gets caught in stems and twigs which the peridiole then wraps intself onto.


Thursdays child
06 May 2011 @ 02:30 pm

A word to the wise on formaldehyde,  do NOT breathe it in. Its like breathing in in vaporised pepper. Also don't get it on your skin, in fact don't even look at it or talk about it behind its back. Its evil stuff.

leetle terrapin


chameleon/baby skeksi

still born kitten

white devon rex kitten

Thursdays child
06 May 2011 @ 02:30 pm

As me and my girlfriend have a lot of reptiles we also have a lot of bugs to feed them. One species are hormone enhanced (to make them grow larger) mealworms which look like this-

I didnt really know too much about mealworms and was always a bit confused when we found these weird pupa while cleaning out the tanks. Recently when I saw some I decided to watch them change to work out what they turned into. They had always creeped me out quite a bit as they are very strange looking and act like Mexican jumping beans when touched-


They also totally look like the pokemon Kakuna-

Over the next few days I managed to miss two of them changing. I would take a look at them and all that would be left behind was a crispy bit of skin. One time though I found a white beetle hiding not far off . I had seen black versions of these before around the house (one hugging my toothbrush once) so now at least i knew where they came from. I found him again the next day and he had started to turn brown from drying out after hatching.

Tenebrio molitor beetle

The one pupa I had left started to get darker and was doing little 'push ups' when before if it wasn't touched it would remain still. Plus some of its legs had started moving-


The day after that video was taken was the day I was sure he was going to hatch. Most of his legs had become free and you could see his beetle body inside its pupa casing if you looked at it close up-


I was really excited as I wanted to watch it actually hatch. When my girlfriend came home I went through to the kitchen to tell her today was the day and our little kakuna was hatching. When i went into the living room to show her.....

He was gone


This is Gizmo, Gizmo is one of my cats. Gizmo likes to eat bugs, and by eat I mean chew and then smear all over our carpet. This is a photo of Gizmo after he did exactly that to Kakuna. Notice the smug languorous look of bug mutilating satisfaction he has one his face. You would expect most cats to act like this when doing something wrong, but not him.

This is all that was left-

And thus is the end of the sad sad tale of Kakuna ;_;

Thursdays child
06 May 2011 @ 02:29 pm

I am currently setting up a new project called 'Once' where I am hoping to screen print different artists work onto shirts and tote bags to then be sold. The idea is to get lesser known talent out there and more recognised. I also find it really hard to find clothes with images on that id like to wear which fustrates me when I know there is some amazing work out that but the mainstream either wont except it or doesn't know it exists.
I also want to form a collective of these artists and somewhere along the line have a website.

I am looking now to make a small select collection of about 10 works that are based on a flora/fauna symbiosis vanitas theme. By this I mean animals and plants becoming symbiotic with each other with the vanits element to signify death and rebirth. Im thinking more of a fantasy concept rather then a biological one. These are some perfect examples of the kind of work I mean-












The images will need to be possible to make into a screen so they cant be too shaded or have too much fine detail. They will also have to be black and white or converted into black and white.


Any artists interested in contributing to this project can email me at ame.solitaire@hotmail.com. In exchange i will send a T-shirt and tote bag with the image printed on it and 50% of all profits made from merchandise sold using their image.



Thursdays child
17 March 2011 @ 09:21 pm

The first i saw of the devastation happening in Japan was this video-



As you know I have an intense fear/fascination with naturally occurring spirals so watching this was very emotional. Watching following footage of the tsunami has totally filled me with sadness. Japan has always been a massive source of inspiration for me and watching the devastation is so heart breaking.

People take shelter as a ceiling collapses in a bookstore during an earthquake in Sendai, northeastern Japan via msnbc

man reunited with dog

To try and raise money to help I will be holding a prize draw for this piece that incorporates the colours of the Japanese flag-

raccoon skull and white bird body head piece

This piece have previously been worn by Vikki Blows in a Jane Doe photo shoot shot by Silent view
Entries cost £5 each and you can enter as many times as you like (the more you enter the more likely you are to win and the more you help Japan). Please clearly state your name each time you donate.  The winner will be picked randomly on the 1st of May.  ALL proceeds will go straight to Japan.
You can enter by donating below
Please help by reblogging this or linking it where you can. I would really love to give back to the country that has given so much to me.
Thursdays child
11 March 2011 @ 03:33 pm

Very late Valentines post but two of my gifts only arrived yesterday. If was ever curious as to who the best girlfriend in the world may be then im afraid your answer is mine ^-^ What she got me is also the answer to who knows me best

prosthetic leg

Bizaree and lucky coinsidence that its exactly the right size for my height.
Slightly more bizarre is that the night before it arrived I had a dream my leg was amputated. I was woken up by the postman who handed me a leg shaped parcel and said "here's your, er....leg". I am a postal pre cog it would seem.

articulated skeleton of a Anas Javanica

articulated skeleton of a Yelllow Vented BulBul

So now you know by far the most interesting and fascinating creature I have ever met is my Samantha. I am honoured to be one of a pair of feline mittens and I love her more then I love anything that has ever walked, crawled, skipped or frolicked upon the planet ♥

She rides with me - the new Bobby and Whitney
Only time we don't speak is during "Sex and the City

Thursdays child
11 March 2011 @ 03:32 pm

Many of you will know what a duck billed platypus is and how it is one of the oddest looking creatures. Their oddities surpass their looks though which is something I had no idea of until recently when my friend  Ruby wolfe told me.

First off I'd like to say that I think the platypus is ADORABLE, as in skin crawling eye gouging adorable that makes me actually think the world has to be a good place if nature can create such a beauty. Especially as a baby-

LOOK AT IT! If this doesn't make you want to cry you are horrible and wrong


Do not be fooled though! This is not a creature to tangle with despite its charming exterior. Platypus are actually venomous, One of only very few venomous mammals. Both male and female platypus have ankle spurs but it is only the males that can produce venom which it does so through its immune system. The venom itself is not fatal to humans but apparently extremely painful and CAN cause hyperalgesia that could persist for several days, very nasty indeed! IT is however strong enough to kill larger animals then itself, like a dog for example.
It is thought that many mammals had the ability to produce poison in the past. Canine teeth from 60 million ago of  a shrew like mammal show grooves that some scientists believe are there to deliver venom. In fact most venomous mammals around today are shrews or shrew like so don't go messing with shrews either boys and girls!

Now about the platypus being a mammal, you would think that meant they gave birth to live young but no, they lay eggs. The female has a set of ovaries but only the left is functional (naturally). Platypus live in burrows but when the female is going to lay her eggs she will build a far more elaborate one under ground. This has a series of plugs made from sticks, leaves, or anything she can find that are thought to protect against the possibility of rising water, predators or to regulate temperature and humidity. The male stays above ground and has no other part in caring for the young -_-

Video of the inside of a platypus nest. Clip from a Science Channel show

The platypus is also one of the only two mammels that have electroreception (the other being the Echidna). They detect their prey when diving through rows of receptors on its bill that pick up electrical fields. It replies solely on this when hunting and closes its eyes, ears and nostrils when underwater. Whilst digging on the bottom of the water it can detect the muscular contractions of its prey.

The skull shows two grooves on either side located where the bill would be. These house the ear and eye openings which allows them to be closed when diving.

There are many many more interesting platypus facts so I encourage anyone to read up on them. They are one of the most fascinating unique animals on the planet!

Thursdays child
I went away for a week with my dad, sister and her boyfriend to stay on a beach in Scotland. It was a walk lots, drink and eat lots kind of lazy get away.

We went to Edinburgh one day where I met the amazing hand poke tattoo artist Sakura for a palm tattoo.

The original design was going to be a tooth with an eye. I was pretty sure it was going to be painful but I deffinitly didnt properly prepare myself for what it was going to be like. I have a lot on my mind and it started to feel like the physical pain was becoming my mental pain. The walls dissolved for them to become one and the same and I started to cry. When I started I didnt stop for about two hours, it was incredibly embaressing!
I had to walk through Edinburgh with tears streaming down my face whilst cuddling a box containing two Madagascan hissing cockroaches Sakura had given me.

the finished tattoo

Mr and Mrs Samsa

One thing i found about the stony beaches of Fife is that they seem to obtain a lot of dead things.
So here are my dead things of Fife